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I’m primarily a visual artist, but sonic art is an important part of my creative process. I’ve been asked if I see correlation between musical art and my own; absolutely. Down to it, it’s all patterns anyway. Music evokes so much of what I do in my visual art, and writing, and pacing. What we call INSPIRATION!


kexp described these guys as a modern indy rock band with kid Michael Jackson doing the vocals. “Hit me with this now”, I said. Here is their entire 2nd ep, which I find incredible.

This is some swaggy chill rock with what sounds like a little kid belting out honor yells. Basically the Tekkonkinkreet of music.


this one is a mashup of earth wind & fire with daft punk. it’s just real fun, ok

It makes me think of the anime Interstella 5555 and also disco so *thumb up*

Oh hey here’s Interstella 5555 btw. It’s an entire animated movie set to Daft Punk’s album Discovery. No dialogue, just all music and visuals. If you’ve never seen it sit the fuck down and get comfortable and watch it NOW!

The HERO in it will choke you the fuck up


the title of this youtube vid is “hot girl spinning dj’s” or whatever– please ignore that and just acknowledge the thrills she spilts down. idk ive always felt kinda weird about DJING like it’s just someone playing other ppl’s music– but no i totally respect it and i even want to do it myself. anyway, this song (or compilation of songs) gets me real riled up and ready to make earth shattering artwork

i *love* that it begins with the Baz Luhrman Romeo + Juliet theme. Yas girl, you know me. This is the kind of shit I’d probably be laughed at for enjoying, but the fuel it provides for me smashes that, so laugh all you like!


a friend of mine JUST exposed me to this brilliant documentary series about game composers from the retro video game era (right after showing me “INDIVISIBLE”, so, double win, Devin). This is an incredible look at the unknown faces behind some of the most moving music our generation has heard. If you’re a fan of video games or music or composition DO NOT miss out on this. Watch every episode. The Capcom one nearly brought me to tears ;o; The episode after that they get into SEGA, and that is possibly the actual best episode. Video game music is so, so important to my generation, it’s crazy.

It’ll remind you of deep cuts like this:

Speaking of video game music. I’m obsessed with Game Boy lately. I recently got a customized, front-lit (this is a big deal) Game Boy Color. I’m currently stocking my lil handheld totem with rad ass games, and this game Hiryu No Ken Gaiden actually has some pretty killer chiptunes. Not to mention some fun gameplay when you look at it

Also the opening music to Samurai Shodown on the Game Boy is pretty epic


I listen to Shamir when I feel like a bad bitch

OH SHIT; I have to mention Chris Dane Owens. I can’t believe I never discovered this before. Another thing ppl would most certainly laugh at for me enjoying; BUT I DO. This guy is a Targaryen making art & music exactly the way he wants to and I respect that.

& Also it’s hilarious. And Awesome.

Shine on me

With the light of Love


Haven’t used this bloggy in a minute. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

AREM 2 – I’m doing a sequel to my Metroid Tribute/Parody comic AREM in the pages of the new Destructoid / Gamefan magazine. For those of you who grew up in the 90′s; yes, GAMEFAN freakin magazine. Always been a giant fan of that mag, and I’m happy to now be involved in it. Here’s a preview of the 1st Arem story.

BAT RIDER – A new full-page panel format comic optimized for Smart Phones. I’ve completed the first issue of BAT RIDER and it’s been making the rounds at comic conventions. It will soon be uploaded to the mobile comics app Comique. You can also attain the first issue by becoming a backer of my Patreon (more on that later). Anyway, this is a bit of a “for fun” type comic– just kinda going with the flow. But it should be around 80-100 pages in it’s final form (which I’ll be drawing throughout the rest of 2015)

DREAM SKILLS – First issue came out last year, currently working on the 2nd. Dream Skills is a 3-issue miniseries. The 2nd issue focuses on Xasha’s backstory. Very excited to get the 2nd issue out there. You can read some of the first issue on this Dream Skills Website that I’ve neglected to update recently… But probably will soon.

FREEZE - A breakdancing comic starring VEN, and the other kids from my PENG sports comic. Freeze is nearly complete– and once it is, I’ll be releasing it as it’s own comic– then hopefully collected with the original PENG story and a couple other shorts to reprint PENG for the masses (probably under the title “GAME CHANGER” which I’ve discussed before). Here’s a preview of FREEZE.

SHARKNIFE – It’s the 10 year anniversary of the 1st Sharknife book coming out (YEP). Later this year I’ll be doing a new Sharknife short that will change the game / raise the stakes of the whole dang thing. I’m very excited to take Sharknife to the next level.

So yeah– six months left in this year (WOW)– and a lot of projects to slay. Let’s do this.

You can be privvy to all these works, as they are being created, see them in advance, and get special related treats by backing my PATREON, btw. It’s a thing. It’s a pretty rad thing. I’m basically treating this Patreon as my own SHONEN JUMP, where you can see all my comics at any time.

- Olympia Comics Fest – JUNE 06
- Rose City Comic Con – SEP 19-20
- Short Run (I hope) – OCT 31

R E Y Y Y 2 0 1 5 ! ! !

Silver Nitru

Heyyyyyyyyoooo HAPPY NEW YEAR and stuff! Hey, I wrote a bit about my 2014 year artistically over on my tumblr. Basically, it was a good year for my ZINES, self-published comics Arem, Dream Skills & Sun Bakery. 2015 will be more self-published comics, and hopefully more mainstream published material as well.

Anyway, recent art as of late:

I’m pretty into this mirroring effect lately. Definitely gonna make more pieces like this.

Marker draws:

Some of these are going out to backers of the SUN BAKERY kickstarter. Thanks to all who supported that!

I *will* probably be doing another KS to reprint Sun Bakery, or perhaps a new mini-collection (or both). Also, I’ll probably be doing a new online comic soon, with Patreon backing. So stay tuned for that!

October Art


I have a store front / item shop (for all you RPG lovers) where you can exchange your diamonds– i mean MONEY for comic books and art prints and the like.

I’ll take a quick minute to describe the works that are available there now!


“Xasha and Puff are two girls surviving in the big city, where poison spike clouds are common and the social culture is swordplay.”

This is the first installment of a new lil mini zine comic project. I (like many people, I’ve discovered) have entertained the notion of WHAT IF *swords* were the main form of “dispute settlement” in our modern age instead of GUNS. we’re talking face-to-face artistry versus mathematic systematic destruction. So, DREAM SKILLS is a bit of that– a bit of a world run by swords– but it’s also about two girls coming to terms with this world, and the regular problems that we all sometimes encounter. DREAM SKILLS– part ONE of THREE installments.


“Arem Lightstorm is a space documentarian who finds herself in troubling terrestrial situations. A ‘Metroid’ tribute comic.”

Yep it’s a METROID tribute comic. Are you familiar with that game? Space exploration, cool girl with a robot suit, etc. My version here though, is technically my own character. Her name is AREM, not Samus. She’s clearly inspired by the things– but it’s it’s own story. Mostly it’s about her taking picture of space creatures, lush vistas, etc– and a bit of strife. Also, this is my first all-digitally drawn comic.

PAISLEY art print

This is an 11×18″ four-color high quality screenprint of one of my favorite recent illustrations. Each one is signed & numbered (out of 85 prints). It’s sold & shipped through Flynn Prints (a friend of mine from Portland), so you don’t have to worry about MY slack ass taking forever with shipping (He’s much more professional than me). “PAISLEY” is a comic I plan on crushing soon– about a girl with a giant robot, escaping social confines. Stoked about it. Get in on this ground-level exclusive limited edition art print shit, okay?? Flynn got a family to feed.

*All the COMIC items here are digital .PDF versions viewable on your home computer, tablet device or cell phone. (the art print is a physical item that will be sent to you)

That’s all for now! But stay hype coz there will be LOTS MORE popping up on this ITEM SHOP very soon! <3