In the world of DREAM SKILLS, guns have been rendered useless and everyone uses swords now. Not just for battle, but as the ultimate “life accessory”. Follow the story of Xasha and Puff, two girls trying to make it in a city of swordfights, poison fog, and tyrant baristas. DREAM SKILLS #1 will debut at Rose City Comic Con, September 20th and 21st. I’ll be at table T-06 with my friend Laura Graves!


There is a new SHARKNIFE.com website for the graphic novel UUUP!!

Marker ϟ Drawz

BEEN DRAWING WITH MARKERSSSSS most of these were commissions for my Kickstarter campaign.





not lego-less

A HUGE MEGA EPIC THANK YOU to everyone who supported my last kickstarter project. Because of you, Layered Jacket #3 is able to exist. Sorry it took me a little longer than I wanted to send out some of them. I hope everyone was pleased.

Tablet Drawz

Been drawing more and more digitally lately. It’s good for fast one offs or quick ideas.

Here’s a GAME OF THRONEZZZ gag fanart:

And this is a thing I’ve had in mind for years called Pepper Stokes / Salty Poms, have drawn a few times, and here’s a new version:

I need to come up with a name for this condition I have, but I am like two-face… I like really ballsy badass extreme stuff, but I also love cutesy kawaii chibi wai wai starburst color stuff. Must be from when I used to bring my Ninja Turtles to play with my cousin’s My Little Ponies…

This little project is highly inspired by Junko Mizuno and Omocat.

Anyway, if I’m not already too bogged down with Sharknife 3 and various other projects, I’m hoping to draw many of these ppl.


Okay so my NEW AMAZING FANTASTIC FABULOUS site is not yet fully ready to smash da worl’ BUT i figured I’d at least bring my blog back until then. ***THIS IS NOT THE NEW AWESOME REYYY.COM*** This’z just a placeholder.

Here’s a mashup thingy I did the other day I’m likin a lott:

I’ll prolly do more of these… And probably make them into prints. I need to get more into the PRINT GAME.

There’s also some animated .gifs below