Sharknife 2: Double Z, Layered Jacket 3, and NEW PENG!

Click the above image to read a 28 page preview of Sharknife 2: Double Z. It’s the first chapter / origin story called “SHARKNIFE KIDZ”. See how Ceasar gets his Sharknife powers, arcade-style!

*This is but a taste of the full force of pure comix momentum coming your way, March 2012!

Layered Jacket 3


Currently scrambling to put together the newest story of a guy who can pull anything out of his magic jacket. In the first issue, LJ inadvertently killed some cops, in the 2nd issue, he traveled to space and met Carl Sagan… What’s gonna happen in the 3rd issue?!

One things for sure… There will be THIS:


New PENG! Along with the “main” LJ story, LJ3 will also see the return of the PENG! kids! (Finally!) It’s an 11 page hackey-sack comic. Unlike any other hackey-sack comic ever seen before.

Stay tuned, MARCH & APRIL are gonna be some big months for REYYY comix!



  1. Yaw says:

    Yeauuuuuuuh! new Rey comix hackey-sack is cool but, I prefer lacrosse :)

  2. optonsord says:

    Who and where to edit this summer on furlough, appropriation your information.

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