Tablet Drawz

Been drawing more and more digitally lately. It’s good for fast one offs or quick ideas.

Here’s a GAME OF THRONEZZZ gag fanart:

And this is a thing I’ve had in mind for years called Pepper Stokes / Salty Poms, have drawn a few times, and here’s a new version:

I need to come up with a name for this condition I have, but I am like two-face… I like really ballsy badass extreme stuff, but I also love cutesy kawaii chibi wai wai starburst color stuff. Must be from when I used to bring my Ninja Turtles to play with my cousin’s My Little Ponies…

This little project is highly inspired by Junko Mizuno and Omocat.

Anyway, if I’m not already too bogged down with Sharknife 3 and various other projects, I’m hoping to draw many of these ppl.


  1. chris says:

    dude that season finale show was crazy i lost it when the dragons set the magic dude on fire i like sat in front of the tv on the floor. an when i saw the white walker showed up on the horse that had a hole in the neck and looked at the guy like bitch your not worth it and screamed. it was fucking awesome

  2. Mark Man says:

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  3. claire says:

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    • Kalpana says:

      Please keep thnroiwg these posts up they help tons.

    • Juan says:

      Ya learn sotmnhieg new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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