Silver Nitru

Heyyyyyyyyoooo HAPPY NEW YEAR and stuff! Hey, I wrote a bit about my 2014 year artistically over on my tumblr. Basically, it was a good year for my ZINES, self-published comics Arem, Dream Skills & Sun Bakery. 2015 will be more self-published comics, and hopefully more mainstream published material as well.

Anyway, recent art as of late:

I’m pretty into this mirroring effect lately. Definitely gonna make more pieces like this.

Marker draws:

Some of these are going out to backers of the SUN BAKERY kickstarter. Thanks to all who supported that!

I *will* probably be doing another KS to reprint Sun Bakery, or perhaps a new mini-collection (or both). Also, I’ll probably be doing a new online comic soon, with Patreon backing. So stay tuned for that!

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