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Here’s a preview of my breakdancing comic “FREEZE”!


Here is a look at my SUPERNATURAL WESTERN comic DEAD NAKED

Sun Bakery: Explained

I’m a comic book artist, well, “creator” is the preferred term. I don’t strictly draw (I write, draw, color, design, everything), and I tend to create my own stories as opposed to working on established IP, specifically (thought I enjoy doing that as well). I’m known for a few comics / graphic novels out there, […]


Haven’t used this bloggy in a minute. Here’s what I’ve been up to! AREM 2 – I’m doing a sequel to my Metroid Tribute/Parody comic AREM in the pages of the new Destructoid / Gamefan magazine. For those of you who grew up in the 90′s; yes, GAMEFAN freakin magazine. Always been a giant fan […]


I have a store front / item shop (for all you RPG lovers) where you can exchange your diamonds– i mean MONEY for comic books and art prints and the like. I’ll take a quick minute to describe the works that are available there now! DREAM SKILLS “Xasha and Puff are two girls surviving in […]