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Sun Bakery: Explained

I’m a comic book artist, well, “creator” is the preferred term. I don’t strictly draw (I write, draw, color, design, everything), and I tend to create my own stories as opposed to working on established IP, specifically (thought I enjoy doing that as well). I’m known for a few comics / graphic novels out there, […]


Haven’t used this bloggy in a minute. Here’s what I’ve been up to! AREM 2 – I’m doing a sequel to my Metroid Tribute/Parody comic AREM in the pages of the new Destructoid / Gamefan magazine. For those of you who grew up in the 90′s; yes, GAMEFAN freakin magazine. Always been a giant fan […]


I have a store front / item shop (for all you RPG lovers) where you can exchange your diamonds– i mean MONEY for comic books and art prints and the like. I’ll take a quick minute to describe the works that are available there now! DREAM SKILLS “Xasha and Puff are two girls surviving in […]


In the world of DREAM SKILLS, guns have been rendered useless and everyone uses swords now. Not just for battle, but as the ultimate “life accessory”. Follow the story of Xasha and Puff, two girls trying to make it in a city of swordfights, poison fog, and tyrant baristas. DREAM SKILLS #1 will debut at […]

There is a new website for the graphic novel UUUP!!