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Silver Nitru

Heyyyyyyyyoooo HAPPY NEW YEAR and stuff! Hey, I wrote a bit about my 2014 year artistically over on my tumblr. Basically, it was a good year for my ZINES, self-published comics Arem, Dream Skills & Sun Bakery. 2015 will be more self-published comics, and hopefully more mainstream published material as well. Anyway, recent art as […]

October Art


I have a store front / item shop (for all you RPG lovers) where you can exchange your diamonds– i mean MONEY for comic books and art prints and the like. I’ll take a quick minute to describe the works that are available there now! DREAM SKILLS “Xasha and Puff are two girls surviving in […]

Marker ϟ Drawz

BEEN DRAWING WITH MARKERSSSSS most of these were commissions for my Kickstarter campaign. A HUGE MEGA EPIC THANK YOU to everyone who supported my last kickstarter project. Because of you, Layered Jacket #3 is able to exist. Sorry it took me a little longer than I wanted to send out some of them. I hope […]

Tablet Drawz

Been drawing more and more digitally lately. It’s good for fast one offs or quick ideas. Here’s a GAME OF THRONEZZZ gag fanart: And this is a thing I’ve had in mind for years called Pepper Stokes / Salty Poms, have drawn a few times, and here’s a new version: I need to come up […]