7.22.11 - JUICE
Apologies for the limbo. My fruit dudes have been sadly neglected as I finish other projects, one such major project being SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z, which is finally DONE!

Quickly after finishing Dub Z, I launched into a flurry of productivity on random Reyniverse side-stories that will be unveiled soon on a BRAND-NEW ONLINE COMIC WEBSITE.

Along with the ushering of this new content, will be the return of SEEDLESS, in ONE FORM or ANOTHER. ;]

3.23.11 - GRAPE AWAY

Seedless to say, comic conventions, Layered Jacket, and Sharknife Double Z have taken a lot of time away from my beloved grape webcomic. I surely didn't intend on the lapse to span four updates, but alas, here we are.

Shoulda said something sooner-- but basically, Seedless will be on a short break. Probably another month. To ensure finishing of Sharknife, and to build up some strips for future serialization. I will also be fixing whatever broken links are in the Book 1 archive.

Glad you guys are so passionate about it, and excited to see where the story unfolds. I am excited as well-- just a bit too busy at the moment.

Thanks for checking in-- and the galactic fruit battle will resume shortly! I will let you know.

Things on VITIS are hype-ning! Enter the counsel of senior GRAPES, RAI-ZEN and OOZING!

Man, I hate spelling. I totally spelled "Counsel" wrong every time. Oh well, whatever. My forte is drawing awesome sci-fi grape comics, not frikken spelling beez.

Dearest People of The Internets, please take a moment to warmly welcome the return of your favorite webcomic about sentient alien grape warriors: SEEDLESS!!!!

I had a blast the last couple years working on the original Seedless story arc. It's been my first full-color continuing comic project, and first to adhere to a weekly schedule. Seedless Book 1 taught me a lot about serializing content, and delivering entertaining episodes.

My hope with this NEW ARC of Seedless, is to do just that again-- x2!!!!!!!!

You'll notice the new layout is in a more traditional book-form 2 page spread. I think this is the most ideal way to read comics online. Seedless will henceforth be presented in this style.

As for the story itself-- there is much in store for our fav lil grape pals. That green dude character on the title page for Seed 17 is NOT just a self-portrait, me as green ;] He's an actual character who will be showing up- amongst many others- In the wild new story I have planned for Seedless.


See you next WEDNESDAY.
- Reyyy